Report: Spike TV Cancels TNA's Impact Wrestling

TNA’s “Impact Wrestling” is apparently without a home as Spike TV has informed TNA President Dixie Carter late last week that they are not renewing their TV contract.

TNA’s deal with Spike TV runs through October but at this time, it is not known exactly when “Impact Wrestling” will cease airing on the network.

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— TNA President Dixie Carter reportedly told staff on Friday that the company was leaving Spike TV on their own mainly due to lack of promotion by the network, but the truth is that it was Spike TV that told Carter that they were not going to be submitting a new offer. This decision apparently came only days after Spike TV found out that Vince Russo is still working for TNA.

— TNA has yet to officially comment on this, but sources report that most staff, including talent, were completely unaware of these developments until Sunday when rumors began flying.

— If proven true, the lack of a TV deal puts the company in a precarious and unstable future.