Lance Storm Looks At Charlotte vs. Natalya From NXT Takeover & More

Former WWE Superstar Lance Storm recently published a new blog on his official website looking at the Charlotte vs. Natalya match from the recent NXT Takeover special on the WWE Network. Below is an excerpt:

“While I haven’t watched all of NXT Takeover, I have watched 2 of the 3 key matches and want to talk a little about the NXT Women’s Title match. If you haven’t seen this show you need to go out of your way to see it. I’ve been a very outspoken advocate of women’s wrestling for years now. I’ve been fortunate to work with, in one capacity or another, most of the big name women of our industry over the last 15 years. They seldom get the respect they deserve in my opinion. They are often presented as glorified eye candy, they seldom get consistent long term angles or focus, and they are often put in dead spots on shows and get their time cut as a result. Despite all of these hardships the majority of them still strive for respect and credibility. They just want to wrestle and be taken seriously on the same playing field as the men.

There are occasions when this happens, Trish and Lita main eventing RAW being one of the greatest examples. I was pretty close to the girls from the “Trish era” of the Divas division, and I knew how much they worked and how much they hated hearing “For a girls match that was really great” or “That was a great women’s match” Their goal wasn’t to have a good “Girls match” they wanted to have a good wrestling match period. I never added that condescending qualifier when I complimented the girls on their matches, and I’m not going to use it today either.

Nattie and Charlotte had a great wrestling match at NXT Takeover. They showed how important and entertaining women’s wrestling can and should be. There are a lot of other girls in the company that can and have stepped up when given the opportunity and I hope this becomes a more common occurrence. Congratulations ladies, you did yourselves and our industry proud. I hope you continue to set your own goals, and strive to achieve above and beyond other’s expectations of you. When they crack open the door of opportunity, kick it wide open in hopes of allowing many others to follow you through it. You have my respect.”

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