Govt. Prosecution 'Not Based in Fact,' Says Manning's Defense on Final Day

Pfc. Bradley Manning’s attorney began his closing arguments on Friday morning with a sharp retort to the prosecution’s long-winded “diatribe” attempting to paint Manning as a “traitor” as an argument not based in reality.

“The government gave a diatribe yesterday, and a lot of it was not based in fact,” Manning’s attorney David Coombs told the court after playing three clips from the “Collateral Murder” video originally leaked by Manning, according to reporter Kevin Gosztola who has been following the trial within the courtroom since its beginning.

Coombs is focusing on what he sees as the blatant holes in the government’s case so far—which have created “a fictitious story to fit the charges.”

On Thursday the prosecution had attempted to frame Manning as an “anarchist,” “hacker,” and a “traitor”—the first time, reportedly, the word “traitor” was used in the court proceedings.

“These terms—’anarchist,’ ‘hacker,’ ‘traitor’—all were clearly charged terms used to pejoratively with the intent that this would undercut the way the defense has tried to present Manning as a kind of conscientious and idealistic soldier who found it was necessary to blow the whistle and reveal certain documents,” writes Gosztola.