The Miz On How Maryse's Return Helped His Career, Miz TV & More

WWE Superstar The Miz recently spoke with USA Today’s “For The Win” about his WWE talk-show segment, Miz TV.

“It’s my own little sanctuary where I can literally do whatever I want,” said The Miz. “If you’re a guest on the show I can highlight you or I can highlight you in a backhanded way if I want. That’s the creative that I enjoy doing.”

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The Miz also spoke about how the return of his wife Maryse to WWE has helped his own career.

“I had become this arrogant and egotistical character, but ever since my wife has come back into WWE, I feel like my career has soared,” Miz admitted. “It’s given me a new type of confidence. Whenever you wrestle in Speedos in front of your wife, you want to show off. You don’t want to get your butt kicked in front of your wife. And she helps out where she can.”

Miz continued, “It’s great having her around. She’s a huge part of why I’ve had the success I’ve had.”

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