Jim Ross On WWE/Snuka Situation, Rollins vs. HHH Coming Soon & More

The following are highlights of a new Q&A update from WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On if WWE will ever return to a TV-14 rating, and who is the next big thing in WWE: “I don’t think that they ever go back to TV14. Ever. It’s wide open as to who will be the next big thing. I have no idea.”

On if WWE should have supported Jimmy Snuka and not suspended his Legends contract: “I think it was the only call tht they could have made unfortunately. That’s my opinion.”

On the best wrestling city: “Loaded question that I have no answer. There are many and I won’t diss any city.”

On Seth Rollins and Triple H nearing their feud: “Obviously HHH and Rollins are on a collision course and Sting is a conduit.”

On why WWE sometimes doesn’t have their title match in the main event: “WWE isn’t a combat style event, it’s a theatrical event. However, under usual circumstances the WWE Title would normally close the show but it doesn’t have to due to artistic liscence.”

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