Failing To Convince on War, US Agrees to Follow Russia's Path To UN

(11:54 AM EST):

Russia’s push for a brokered settlement over the crisis in Syria appears to be gaining traction in Washington.

The Obama administration—finding very little success in its aggressive push for war—announced on Tuesday it is now willing to entertain talks with Russia and other members of the UN Security Council over a plan (see below) that would see Syria hand over control of chemical weapons to international monitors in a bid to avoid military intervention.

According to a tweet by the Associated Press late Tuesday morning:

And The Hill reports:

None of this, however, indicates that there’s a done deal at the UN. In fact, the Russians are reportedly unimpressed so far with the language drafted for the resolution by the French delegation. According to Reuters:

In a related development, a group of U.S. senators are reported to be drafting a new resolution for Congress that would authorize the use of military force only if the Syrians fail to satisfy an international agreement to hand over their chemical weapons stockpiles.

As the New York Times reports:

Tuesday’s developments allowed those pushing for a negotiated settlement to experience hope for avoiding a rush for immediate military strikes, but the threat of war still lingers.

Indeed, as new developments in the international arena continued to play out Tuesday, key members of Obama’s foreign policy team were sitting before the House Armed Services Committee pushing the case for war as hard as ever.

And as reporting by Inter Press Service point outs, a path through the UN is not necessarily a path away from war.