Drew Galloway On Recent WWE Releases, Why Fans Should Try TNA

TNA Champion Drew Galloway recently spoke with Channel Guide Magazine to promote this Sunday’s TNA Slammiversary pay-per-view. Below are some of the highlights.

On why fans should give TNA a chance:

“Everyone has really found their character and there are some exciting feuds going on. It’s not just one thing going on. There are a lot of unique characters and stuff going on creatively right now. I think this has been the strongest we have been in a while. I think for anyone who hasn’t given TNA a chance recently, I say for you to give it one shot. I guarantee it will change your mind because I genuinely believe in the product. I wouldn’t just say that.”

On Sunday’s match against Bobby Lashley:

“I think we will be turning heads with this PPV. I love the chance to work with Bobby. I work a physical style myself. A lot of times, it’s me being the aggressor. Now I’m going against a guy who is bigger, faster, stronger this time. It’s really something to sink my teeth into and a chance to get everyone’s attention. I’m trying to create that believability in all my matches. But here you have the most believable guy. I never treated a match with him like a pro wrestler. I treat them like the beast he is. When you are against a guy like a Bobby Lashley, you have to be smart because he can snap a leg in one second. I treat him with that respect. I think it will increase the believability of it all because he is a legit as it gets.”

On recent WWE departures:

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